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Cathy Prugh is the Director of Elder Options. She’s a Gerontological Consultant and received her Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Mount Saint Joseph majoring in Gerontology and Social Work. She also attended the University of Cincinnati, where she studied Health Care Nursing.

Ms. Prugh, a lifelong Madeira resident, has over twenty years of experience in all types of Geriatric Care.

As the Director of Elder Options, Ms. Prugh’s mission is to provide informed, professional consultation on a wide variety of Geriatric services and situations.

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We can be reached at 513-791-6693. Or you can send an email to cincyelderoptions@gmail.com.

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Private advisor to families; addressing the concerns and struggles associated with aging loved ones.

“My family and I cannot express in mere words the relief of having someone like Cathy Prugh oversee the care for our loved one. The compassion we witnessed was overwhelming to us and again a relief knowing my cousin was in good hands was priceless.”

-Jennifer Giles
Madeira, Ohio

“I could not have gotten through the ordeal of becoming the primary caregiver of my 80 year old paralyzed mother and my 85 year old feeble father had it not been for Cathy and Elder Options.”

-Martha Kelley,
Mason, Ohio

“You are a top-notch professional, but are also most caring, cooperative and thorough. You handled every concerns we had. Your services were above and beyond our expectations.”

-Henry Ratliff
Cincinnati, Ohio

“Elder Options leader, Cathy Prugh is a remarkable addition to the health care efforts of Greater Cincinnati. She has combined a personal commitment to the care of the elderly and disabled (including home visits, occasionally spiced with home cooking, and regular on-site review of nursing home care) with a remarkable base of knowledge of Nursing Home facilities and personnel. Families of the elderly and disabled, both those living locally and out of town, can get practical ongoing consultation and care that is professional and practical. Families I have referred have routinely been surprised by her commitment, professionalism and results in finding and maintaining high quality care for their loved ones living in the Cincinnati area.”

-Michael D. Paris M.D.
Loveland, Ohio

“It was always clear to us when working with Cathy that it is not just a job for her; it is her life’s purpose! Making this move was a significant step for my parent’s in their life’s journey, and it had a very happy ending. Both of my parents are extremely happy with their new home and they have stated many times that they wonder why it took them so long to make the move.”

-Rebecca Reder
Montgomery, Ohio

“Enough can not be said in praise of Cathy Prugh and Elder Options. Her services have been absolutely invaluable to me and my family.”

-Catherine Kable
Bethel, Ohio

“Cathy’s help walking us through step-by-step with the decision making process and what to expect along the way was priceless.”

-Jim Luecke
Milford, Ohio

“My brother, sister and I cannot adequately express our appreciation for Cathy’s kindness, thoughtfulness and devotion to our mother.”

-Sandy Wagner
Kenwood, Ohio

“Her obvious devotion and dedication to her elderly clients was evidenced in many ways through out our association. Particularly , was her constant attention and bedside vigil in the last hours of my mother's life.”

-Richard Minard
Cincinnati, Ohio

“Mrs. Prugh's knowledge and professionalism, combined with her kindness and gentleness, allowed my sister and I to spend meaningful time with my mother. Every one of our concerns or needs were handled quickly and competently by Mrs. Prugh. Our confidence in her was complete.”

-Ms. Lynn Breeden
Cincinnati, Ohio

“I cannot say enough about the service Cathy Prugh and Elder Options provided for our family as we cared for my dad in his last couple of months. Cathy was available 24/7 for our many questions and concerns as we went from needing 24 hour care for dad in his home, to transitioning him into a nursing home after a week long hospital visit. She’s a wealth of knowledge and put my family at ease as we dealt with all the decision making. Words seem inadequate, but a HUGE thank you Cathy!”

-Kathy Hyatt
Madeira, Ohio

“Cathy Prugh was the person who came to our rescue. We were impressed with her knowledge and compassion.”

-William Hugo
Madeira, Ohio

“When my father began demonstrating symptoms of dementia we had no idea where to begin. Fortunately, we learned about Cathy and Elder Options through neighbors of my father.
    Cathy was fantastic, she visited my father to get to know him and understand the progression of his dementia, then suggested we have a meeting to discuss options and begin some planning.
    We discussed many things like what to do about my father’s driving, his finances, support groups, diagnosis/treatments, options for him in home care or elder care facilities. More importantly we discussed how to broach these subjects with my father and how to go about making things happen.
    We really had no idea where to begin, without Cathy we would have been lost. There were so many things to consider and sometimes even though you are trying to help your loved-one they can view it as trying to take their freedom.
    Thank you Cathy for all your continued help, guidance and most importantly for the compassion and care you showed us and my father during this difficult time.”

-Dawn McNees
Loveland, Ohio

“Cathy, I want to sincerely thank you for taking such good care of my good friend and neighbor. I am so thankful that you were there to take care of her peaceful “end of life.” You are a God-send!”

-Susan D. Houghton
Madeira, Ohio

“Cathy has an incredible capacity for love. In addition, she has the tenacity of a bull-dog if her wards are threatened. There was never a day when I did not know that my mother was receiving better care than I, or I suspect anyone else could give her.”

-Hal Maier
Nashville, Tennessee